Jersey Giant: Breed Information, Size, Egg Laying and More

The Jersey Giant Chicken is one of the largest breeds you can add to your flock, they tower over most of their feathered peers. This magnificent breed is well known for their size and commanding presence. In this article I will highlight all of the things about the Jersey Giant that have completely captivated poultry enthusiast and backyard farmers.

Jersey Giant History and Background

The mighty Jersey Giant, this breed is an absolute beauty, the sheer power this breed commands, towering like royalty over other barnyard breeds! This breed originated from Burlington County, New Jersey in the late 1800s, from John Black and Thomas Black as they envisioned a bird that could possibly replace turkeys. They spent day and night, mixing the royal bloodlines of black Javas, dark Brahmas, and black Langshans, to create what is today a behemoth amongst chickens – the Jersey Giant.

This breed is essentially the head honcho in the American Poultry Association’s American Class. They’re not just big in size they’ve also got big hearts, they serve as wonderful egg layers and meat producers. They officially became poultry nobility when they were added to the Standard of Perfection in 1922, and later, their cousins, the White in 1947 and the Blue in 2002, joined the ranks. One of the major perks of the Jersey Giant is that their capons stay tender even as they grow older.

Largest Breed of Chicken

The Jersey Giant is widely acclaimed to be the biggest breed of chicken. The roosters tip out at around 15 pounds standing at nearly 2 feet tall, while the hens are gracious as they are weigh a modest 11 pounds, and stand at 1.5 feet tall. Making these birds absolutely massive, and a statement of your flock.

Jersey Giant Appearance

The Jersey Giant an absolutely beautiful bird not even talking only about their size. With a solid, toned build, these birds demand your attention in all of their stunning colors: Black, White & Blue. The black version of the bird is the oldest, and also tends to be a little heavier in terms of weight. They parade around with their massive black legs, complimented with yellow feet, with dark brown eyes and normally a beak that’s black with a hint of yellow at the tip. Their wattles and combs are also a solid red.

The blue and white varieties have nearly the same characteristics other than a slight weight difference.

Jersey Giant Chicken Disposition

Don’t let their size intimidate you; these birds have a heart of gold The Jersey Giant is known to be friendly and docile, they’re the gentle giants of your coop. They go strut about their day with a calm demeanor, mingling with other breeds and even making peace with fellow roosters. Families with children and pets, take note! These birds enjoy cuddling, so much so that they may quickly become your best friends. They’re also relatively quiet, they don’t make a whole lot of noise, and they seriously enjoy foraging for snacks so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a garden buddy.

Egg Laying and Broodiness

These hens bless us with extra-large eggs that vary from dark brown to light cream. You can expect around 150-200 eggs per year from the Jersey Giant.  Though they aren’t egg factories, they still manage to lay a decent amount at around 2-4 eggs weekly. Take caution though if you plan to use an incubator to hatch out your own chicks as their hatching process takes a bit longer, usually 1-2 days extra. Some hens will also naturally embrace motherhood, for those who do go broody, they’re great moms, but sometimes their generosity in size can be their downfall – as their known to accidentally crush the eggs.

Jersey Giant Summary

The Jersey Giant Chicken is nothing short of incredible, this is a breed born through ambitious dreams, in New Jersey, that now holds the title of being the largest purebred chicken in the US and probably in the world. With their calm, docile, and friendly demeanor, they’re the gentle giants that every backyard farmer or poultry enthusiast would love to have. Not to mention they’re also dual-purpose, making for excellent meat and egg providers. The hens, when in the motherly mood, are protective and nurturing. Hardy and resourceful, these chickens are the epitome of barnyard joy.


Oden is a homesteader from Southern, Illinois who's always had a love for avian creatures. He started Life Of A Farm as a means of helping connect newcomers to the homesteading lifestyle to information they need.

By Oden

Oden is a homesteader from Southern, Illinois who's always had a love for avian creatures. He started Life Of A Farm as a means of helping connect newcomers to the homesteading lifestyle to information they need.

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