About Us

Welcome to Life Of A Farm.

Life of A Farm is ran by 10 year homesteading enthusiast Oden, through Life Of A Farm we hope you learn how to care for chickens to keep them healthy and happy. This blog was started as a comprehensive tool to educate those looking to get into poultry, from topics on specific breeds, to health care for your chickens, egg laying questions and issues, and even the process of building your first chicken coop. These are all problems that seem big, but the reality is with the right hand helping you, they’re small.

So, now my goal is pretty simple. I want to help you learn everything there is to know about maintaining and building a wonderful homestead for your chickens and your family.

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it. — Arnold H. Glasow

Life of A Farm is not limited only to Chickens, I plan to cover a wide variety of topics in the future however my primary focus is ensuring that your chickens are happy, healthy, and you’re well educated on the specific requirements they may need.

Have any questions about your chickens, maybe they’re appearing a bit lethargic, uncertain of a breed, or stopped laying eggs? I absolutely encourage you first check through my blog to ensure I haven’t already covered those topics extensively and if not, I hope for you to reach out through my Contact Us page.

Who Am I?

Oden, Author

Oden was born in Southern, Illinois and has always had a love for animals, especially avian creatures. He started Life Of A Farm as a means of helping connect newcomers to the homesteading lifestyle to information they may need.