Plymouth Rock Chicken: Empowering Eggs, Stunning Looks, and Temperament That Shines

Plymouth Rock Chickens are an American breed also known as the Barred Rock Chicken, they come in White, Buff, Partridge, Silver-penciled, Blue, Columbian, and Black color variations. This breed is a dual purpose breed (meaning it serves for meat production, and egg production) and this article will help educate you on the facts about the Plymouth Rock, regardless of the color variety.

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Plymouth Rock Chicken Origin

Alrighty then, let’s get into it! The Plymouth Rock chicken, a true-blue American breed, strutted onto the scene in the splendid state of Massachusetts sometime in the 19th century. Oh boy, did people love them from the get-go! We’ve got a whole concoction of breeds that played a part in this chicken’s gene pool – think Dominique, Java, Cochin, and Brahma, just to name a few. Some people over at the Livestock Conservancy think they might have been a lovechild of the Java birds and Dominiques.

These birds are absolute rockstars when it comes to being all-rounders! They’re dual-purpose; giving you good meat and brown eggs. And they don’t complain, are easy to handle, unfazed by the cold, and doting mothers to boot.

The breed was included in the first edition of the American Standard of Perfection of the new American Poultry Association. They vanished for like 20 years – poof, gone! But thank goodness, they returned in 1869, more popular than ever, stealing hearts from coast to coast. During World War II, these birds were practically patriotic heroes –being one of the main sources for feeding soldiers and civilians alike. But, alas, post-war machinery stole the limelight and our dear Plymouth Rocks were branded as ‘not productive enough’ in comparison to other breeds.

What Do Plymouth Rock Chickens Look Like?

First off, these are sizable birds. The roosters, the gentlemen of the coop, typically tip the scales at around 9.5 pounds, while the ladies (the hens) are around 7.5 pounds. They’re not scrawny; they’ve got some heft to them!

  • Plumage:
    The Barred variety is the classic Plymouth Rock Chicken attire, sporting alternating dark and light gray stripes. It’s like they’re wearing stylish pinstripes all the time! The bars on the feathers are so symmetrical; it’s like looking at living art. However, not to be outdone, there are other colors – white, buff, partridge, silver-penciled, blue, and Columbian. My, oh my, the choices!
  • Comb:
    The comb, the little crest atop their heads, is a bright red and has a classic single comb shape – very chic. It’s accompanied by matching wattles and earlobes. You gotta love a chicken that knows how to coordinate its accessories.
  • Beak:
    a shade of yellow that’s reminiscent of golden honey. It’s sturdy and somewhat regal.
  • Eyes:
    Their eyes, they’ve got this intense reddish-bay color, it’s as if they’re always on high alert.
  • Bodies:
    Their bodies? Picture a well-toned, muscular athlete. They’ve got a long, broad back and a moderately deep, full breast.
  • Legs:
    Their legs are set wide apart and are of a clean, yellow hue. It’s as if they’ve been hitting the chicken gym, squatting corn kernels.
  • Colors:
    This breed can come in a wide variety of colors (7) of them to be exact, those colors are White, Buff, Partridge, Silver-penciled, Blue, Columbian, and Black.

In short, the Plymouth Rock Chicken is not just a utility bird, it’s a showstopper. With its wide array of colors, well-built body, and those stylish bars, it is bound to make a fashion statement in any coop.

plymouth rock chicken

How Big Are Plymouth Rock Chicken Eggs?

The Plymouth Rock Chicken is known for laying beautiful, large, light brown eggs. Their eggs will weigh roughly around 24 ounces per dozen / or 2 ounces per egg – so if you’re looking for a breakfast bird to add to your flock, the Plymouths are going to be a very solid option.

How Many Eggs Do Plymouth Rock Chickens Lay?

Hold onto your hats, because Plymouth hens lay a lot of eggs. You’re looking at around 200-300 eggs per year. Each hen will likely lay around 5 eggs per week.

plymouth rock chicken eggs

Plymouth Rock Chicken Temperament

Plymouth Chickens are docile. They are however remarkably curious, these chickens will follow you around the yard, peek into whatever it is that you may be doing and basically act like your shadow. Cold weather? Psh, bring it on. Hot weather? They may need some type of cooling option such as shade or maybe a barn fan. Apart from the normal chicken requirements, they are the epitome of low maintenance.


Oden is a homesteader from Southern, Illinois who's always had a love for avian creatures. He started Life Of A Farm as a means of helping connect newcomers to the homesteading lifestyle to information they need.

By Oden

Oden is a homesteader from Southern, Illinois who's always had a love for avian creatures. He started Life Of A Farm as a means of helping connect newcomers to the homesteading lifestyle to information they need.

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